Free Instant E-Pan Card Apply Online In 2min via Computer or Smartphone, It's 100% True


Free Instant E-Pan Card Apply Online In 2min via Computer or Smartphone, It's 100% True.

You Can Download The Pdf File Of e-Pan Card In Just 10 Minutes, It Will Be Applied From The Income Tax Department, Government Of India Official Site.

All The Steps Are Given Below, Before That You Must Read It, It Will Be Applied Through E-KYC Aadhaar Card, After Applying You Will Get The Pdf File Of PAN Card In Less Than 10 Minutes, In Some Cases It May Take Up To 24 Hours To Get The Pdf File, It Takes At Least 3 Days For The PAN Card To Become Active, In Some Cases, It May Take Up To A Week To Become Active.

Here Are Some Important Things To Know Before Applying: 

  1. It Is Important That The Pan Card Is Applied For The First Time.

  2. It Is Important To Have A Mobile Number Link With The Aadhaar Card, And Otp Code Will Come To This Number, You Will Need This Code.

  3. It Is Important That Your Date Of Birth, Month, Year Are All Complete On An Aadhaar Card.

  4. You Must Be Over 18 Years Of Age.

It's Important That You Have All Of These, My Suggestion Is That It Is Important That You Have Everything Right On The Aadhaar Card, If There Is Any Mistake, That Mistake Will Come In The Pan Card, If There Is Any Mistake In Your Aadhaar Card,  You Fix The Aadhaar Card First, Then Apply Pan Card, Thank You.

Pan Card Apply's Step By Step Is Given Below, With Live Snapshot:

Install Google Chrome On Your Smartphone Or Computer And Open It, If You Apply From A Smartphone,

Then Open Google Chrome And Click 3 Dots On The Top Right:

Then Turn On The Desktop Site:

Then The Steps To Apply An E-Pan Card On Computer Or Smartphone Are All The Same.

Step 1 Go To: -Click To "Get New PAN"-.

Step 2 Please Enter Your Aadhaar Card Number & Captcha Code, Then Please Read All 5 Points & "I confirm That" Check On, Then Click To "Generate Aadhaar OTP", I Kept My Aadhaar And Pan Card Personal Information Secret, So That No One Can Misuse My Information.

Step 3
The Phone Number Written On The Aadhaar Card Is Given, Type A Code Here That Has Gone To A Code Message.

Step 4 Aadhaar Card Is Showing The Original Details, See If Everything Is OK, Then Tick On “I Accept That”, Then Click On “Submit Pan Request”.

Step 5 Your Information Is Being Verified, Make A Note Of Your Acknowledgement Number, You Can Check After 10 Minutes By Clicking On “Check Status” Or .

Step 6 Enter Your Aadhaar Card Number & Captcha Code Click On "Submit".

Step 7 Otp Code Message Has Gone To Your Phone Number, Enter The Code Here, Then Click On “Submit”.

Step 8 Pan Allotment Request Is In Progress If It Shows Up Then You Have To Wait At Least 24 Hours, After 24 Hours Go To This Link And Check Again.
After 24 Hours And If Pan Allotment Request Is In Progress Shows, Then Call 0120-4836850 Or Mail , Hope Your Issue Is Resolved, Thanks.

Step 9 Congratulations Your E-PAN Has Been Created, After 10 Minutes Or 24 Hours Your E-PAN Is Ready, You Can Download E-PAN Pdf File By Clicking On "Download Pan".

Step 10 Open E-PAN File Pdf And It Will Ask For Password, The Password Is Your Date Of Birth, In Such Example If Your Date Of Birth Is “01/01/2001”, Then The Password Will Be "01012001" Date Month Year All Together, Then Click "Ok".

Step 11 You Will Get E-PAN Pdf File Like This, You Can Print It And Use It, For Example, To Open A Bank Account Or To Get A Sim Card Can Be Used For Any Other Purpose.

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